Revive is a value and purpose project developer with a mission to build vibrant places for better lives, respecting planetary boundaries. For the past 15 years, we have built a diverse portfolio of projects across a range of scales and with a mix of functions. Founded and based in Belgium we have a track record of completed and scheduled projects in our domestic market, with exciting ventures in Poland and Portugal as well. We believe that nothing is more sustainable than using what is already there. As such we only redevelop old industrial sites and vacant buildings and land, creating quality, sustainable and affordable new-build and renovation projects that become vibrant and integrated neighbourhoods. Through innovation and energy-efficient technologies, we build with a minimal ecological footprint.


Today’s global economy leaves billions of people falling short on life’s essentials, and is overshooting multiple planetary boundaries. To tackle these challenges within the building industry, Revive continues to develop its projects based on our IRIS model. This model represents the fusion of an impact strategy with impact reporting. The goal is to leave no one falling short on the essentials of life, without overshooting planetary boundaries.


Our reporting is based on transparency and clarity as well as precise data gathering and in-depth analysis, a collaboration of inhouse and third party specialists. The results is an extensive Impact & Progress Report with details on:

  • our strategic value model and impact methodology
  • key achievements over the past 15 years,
  • ESG reporting,
  • ideas and ambitions for the future,
  • methodology insights


In the past 15 years we have delivered 10 projects spread throughout Belgium and have currently 7 projects under construction in Belgium and Poland. We are evolving from smaller scale residential projects to medium and larger scale mixed use projects under construction today. Every single one of these projects started from a polluted and abandoned building or land, in an urban environment, and was successfully converted into a lively new neighbourhood. Successful real estate projects with both strong financial returns and high impact delivery.